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What is a Death Doula?

An end-of-life doula, or death doula, is someone who makes themselves available to assist a dying individual and, typically, the family before, during and after a death occurs in order to provide physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual support. Doulas can complement systems already in place, allowing caregivers respite and those living remotely the assurance that their loved one is well-supported. Our team of doulas will meet you where you are, and assist with developing a cohesive plan which honors all who are involved.

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Please note: We do NOT practice medicine, offer nursing or home health aide advice or services.

Who We Are

Supporting You Through Life’s Final Scene

The mission of the Virtual Death Doula Network, Inc. is to operate an online collective of professional end-of-life doulas that help companion and serve those in need. We offer respite care, vigil, companioning, advanced directive planning, grief support, and other doula services remotely, as well as additional services specific to each doula. We are accessible to the deaf community via live Zoom close-captioning. We operate on a sliding scale to ensure that our services are available to everyone who needs them.

The doulas at the Virtual Death Doula Network, Inc. are committed to respecting clients from across our variety of backgrounds. We recognize that death is an intensely personal experience, shaped by a lifetime of experience and belief. We aim to create a space that celebrates the diversity of our doulas, clients, and their loved ones. We endeavor to honor everyone by including perspectives from backgrounds that vary by race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, and national origin.


Andrea is such a warm human, so easy to feel comfortable with.  Because of my 23 year old daughter's health situation, I felt tired and alone in her dying process.  I found Andrea by chance and immediately, she brought color and life into a world that had become dark and depressing.  She helped us see death in a more natural way, be able to talk about things that seemed too difficult to discuss and even played a game with our family with facets of death from all around the world.  She has the biggest heart and anyone who gets Andrea in their life, whether living or in the process of dying, is lucky to have her! - Jules H.

Andrea and Daniel created a safe space to talk about challenging feelings surrounding my mother's terminal illness. They provided support and guidance to find boundary-centered solutions that worked for our family. - Jill A.

I was recommended to contact Andrea from a friend who has lost too many people these past two years and said that "I would greatly benefit from Andrea's doula help". I reached out and felt an instant connection. Was able to open up instantly and inform her of my current situation. My 97-year-old grandmother had fallen twice and seemed to be experiencing some mental distress. I had reached out so I could find support through my preemptive grief. First time that I have felt support during end-of-life care for one of my elders. I highly recommend anybody that has a dear one at end of life care. There are so many service options and ways to find support for yourself or your loved ones. I highly recommend reaching out to the Virtual Death Doula Network. - Lark A.

My mother recently entrusted me with being the executor of her last will and testament. Although she is not currently dying, I decided to reach out to Emily of the Virtual Death Doula Network to ask some questions I had. Emily assured me that advance planning for a loved one's death can reduce a lot of stress when the time comes, so that I can instead focus on grieving and celebrating my mom’s life. She also explained different cultural burial rituals and practices that will honor my mom's religious beliefs. Emily’s knowledge of funeral preparations was vast and any questions I had (and more!) were answered in a practical yet sensitive manner. She even gave tips that would save me money by utilizing all services that are available. I would definitely recommend Emily and the Virtual Death Doula Network! - Daniel B.

Thank you for your help during these very challenging times. You’re doing great work! It’s so hard… So many emotions, complication, decisions and past issues come very into play. Your support has been needed and appreciated. Thank you. - Jason A.

I see what you all are doing by providing the doula service for people. [Our family] sure could have used it [when my sister was dying]. It was a lot of grieving and unable to share and talk with one another. How awful! Sometimes there are just no words. Grateful for the Virtual Death Doula Network for creating a safe space to talk about these emotions all these years later. It’s a truly wonderful service to offer people. - Jan C.

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